Wendelbo TLUD Pioneer Experiences 2009-01-18_img_2

20.06.1929 -13.04.2014


On behalf of my father Paal Wendelbo I wish to thank you for all the work done bringing focus to stoves and household energy in the development countries.

For almost 30 years, Paal brought attention to health and environmental issues connected to cooking and household energy for development countries. Paal found other people, later friends, with similar ideas and thoughts in this stove community. Despite arguments about stove design, function, and whom had the better stove. No doubt he was a pioneer, teacher but also he was a student.

The world have knowledge the problem Paal raised already in the mid 80’s. His simple Peko Pe stove invited people think new. He was also a pioneer of TLUD stoves.

Paal Wendelbo past silently away 13.04.2014 with his family precent.

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We produce our own biochar

I Peko Pe

We have the skills and tools

Fuel are everywher

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